Center for Popular and Social Education
Cepfs (Center for Popular and Social Education) - Transformando o Sertão Since 1985, this non-profit NGO has been working on solutions for sustainable development to help family farming in the semi-arid region of Paraiba.

The main purpose of this organization is to improve the quality of life of communities and families in the region focusing on rainwater capture and management for human consumption and healthy food production.

Professionals, students and volunteers together with community associations help promoting social inclusion with the active engagement of local residents.
Our mission
To boost knowledge and local aptitudes of rural communities by means of promotion, development and dissemination of solutions and socio-environmental technologies as well as training and counseling for the sustainable human development in the Brazilian semi-arid region.
Our vision
That the rural communities in the Brazilian sertão (arid region) become ready, organized and well-equipped for strengthening citizenship and sustainable coexistence with the semi-arid reality allowing human development in all its dimensions.
Where we work
Cepfs operates in 10 towns and 116 communities in Paraiba. The characteristic of this Brazilian semi-arid region is the recurrent drought. The rains are irregular in time and space – the annual average rainfall ranges from 200 mm to 800. In Brazil, the average is 1.761mm. To be prepared to get through drought periods is the difference between to have or not to have what to drink, eat or produce.
“Even cry, I cried to live someplace where there was water. Now that there is, we do not wish to leave.”
Maria Alves da Silva
Fava de Cheiro Community, in Teixeira (Paraiba)
Our team
Board of Directors
José Rômulo Batista Xavier,
Vânia Lúcia Alves de Oliveira,
Iolanda Silva Graça
Solon Arruda
Francisco Sebastião de Assis
Audit Committee
Raimundo Arruda de Andrade
José de Anchieta Alves
José Pedro de Lima